Welcome to Life Healer at UnitedMind

UnitedMind specialise in personal and professional growth through laughter, joyfulness and holistic health.

During challenging times there is an even greater need for healing and change in our perspective than when life seems on an ongoing high.

There is always room for change and sometimes our blindspots go unnoticed for long periods of time and sometimes end up creating poor health and ill conditions.

Our healing experts have great experience in working with removing energy blockages in order to create great health.

Your participation is key.

Currently we are focusing on helping people through online sessions.

Please meet our online experts as Life Healer introduces Mind-Body Balance Practitioner, Melanie Bloch.

Life Healer at UnitedMind offer laughter workshops and laughter training programmes that combine laughter, breathing and business in a recipe for success, proving that Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy is a valid and important part of any workplace training scheme as well as for individuals.

The foundation is built on creating equilibrium through Laughter Yoga and Holistic Therapies, and at Life Healer at UnitedMind we firmly believe that anyone, irrespective of background or circumstances in general, can benefit from receiving holistic therapy in any form that is individually suitable.

With a service from Life Healer at UnitedMind quality is ensured and hopefully you will enjoy our holistic treatments as well as benefit physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The Holistic Therapies, Treatments and Coaching Services I currently offer to individuals and organisations are:

For details please visit the Services page.

For information about our training programmes, workshop, other types of services relating to personal and professional development, improvement and change, please contact us on email or contact our Life Healer Experts directly.