Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a healing technique where the Reiki Practitioner acts as the channel through which the chi (energy) can flow. Where conventional medicine treats the physical body, Reiki treats all four bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Reiki therefore goes much further than conventional medicine as it is far more complete in its healing which has become a very popular treatment and healing method.

Many people even train at Level 1 or Level 2 in order to facilitate healing on themselves and their friends and family.

This type of healing works wonders and can benefit anyone. Often crystals are involved in the treatment in order to enhance the energy and healing that takes place. With your Life Healer you are in safe hands.


  • Reiki Healing 1 treatment £35
  • Reiki Healing 4 treatments £100
  • Reiki I Attunement 2-day course £150

To book your treatment please call 0800 1214 714 or mobile 07736 341 717 or email us.

A programme of four or more treatments can be a combination of Crystal Healing, Reiki Healing, Reflexology and Laughter Coaching. All types of treatment can be effectively entered into a programme for long-lasting positive change.

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