Life Coaching

Life Coaching

One-to-one Life Coaching can help to optimise your overall wellbeing by focusing on your mind and body, depending on your needs and requirements.

In Life Coaching you are given an extensive toolbox to help you set objectives that are authentic to you, and facilitates you in following these through.

The first coaching session is typically face-to-face and the following sessions may continue face-to-face or take place over the telephone or on Skype.

Typical issues that are being addressed in coaching sessions include:

  • Finding a new perspective on a business problem
  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Getting more in touch with the authentic self
  • Finding your creativity
  • Health issues
  • Focusing life direction
  • Making life-changing decisions
  • Moving through poor eating habits and eating disordes
  • Building a more positive body image
  • Choosing healthier habits, letting of of others
  • Work / life balance
  • Learning to be more relaxed (while life happens)

To book your coaching sessions, a minumum of four sessions, please call 0800 1214 714 or mobile 07736 341 717 or email us.

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